Meet the O Litter
Look at those faces!Green Puppy (boy), smallest of the boys, loves to snuggle with his siblingsOrange Puppy (boy), noisiest of the litter! Always has something to say!Orange Puppy (boy), noisiest of the litter! Always has something to say!Pink Puppy…

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N Litter’s first meal

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Never’s Blog

                                                                                                            June 22, 2013

Hi again,

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged so I thought I’d better get my act together.  We have been doing all sorts of new…

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Never Blog

Hi everyone,

My name is Never and I am part of the seven-member N litter.  I have started a blog so that you can follow the N litter’s progress as we make our way towards becoming service dogs in training.

Our mama’s name is Reena and she’s pretty…

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The “O” Litter is coming!
Ultrasound confirming pregnancy Ultrasound confirming pregnancy A week before her due date A week before her due date They counted 7... They counted 7…

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At one week old…

We have gotten very big and we got names!

Blue boy is now Noble. He gets his name from his dad who was called King. He weighs 1057 grams!Green boy weighs 1053 grams and was named Nash.Pink/white collared girl is now Nina. She weighs 840 grams.Pink/green…

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Fat and Happy
The “N” LitterGreen Boy and SiblingsThe “N” LitterThe “N” Litter

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Congratulations Reena!

Reena went into labor late last night and by 2 o’clock this morning she had given birth to 4 girls and 3 boys.

Girl – First puppy bornBoy – Number 2Girl – Number 3Girl – Number 4Girl – Number 5Boy – Number 6Boy – Number 7

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Jagger had a lot of fun at class tonight. He loves to see Nancy. Ready for a nap after being really good at class. 5.22.13.

Do you remember this guy? He was on this blog just last year. They grow so fast!

Best Dog Name Ever

Our Breeder Host Lindsay, came up with, in my opinion,  the best name for one of the “N” puppies (whom she will be whelping): “Never”. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a strange name”. But hear us out. Think about giving the dog a command…

“Never, sit”

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